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Hinman Courtyard Renovation

The Hinman Courtyard renovation project is scheduled to start March 16, 2015 and will take place on the east side of Hinman behind the Old Civil Engineering Building. This project will make this area a more aesthetically pleasing spot for students, faculty and staff to be able to enjoy the outdoors. This project will include new concrete walk, brick pavers, landscaping, storm water containment, lighting and furnishing.  Upon completion in August 2015 this area is expected to be a vast improvement to the use of the space and will be utilized by many. Please see the attached routing plan here (PDF viewer required) for both vehicular and pedestrian access during construction.


Harrison Square Reconstruction
On March 16th Harrison Square lawn area on the south side of Chapin will be fenced off and contractors will mobilize to start a new landscape/hardscape project. This project will include upgrades to walking paths, walls, landscaping, utilities and site furnishing. It is expected to update many key features while still maintaining the historic value of this section of campus and bringing the overall aesthetics up to the current Georgia Tech standards. The project will be completed over the summer and will open up as a brand new space in fall semester 2015. In the interim a temporary ADA ramp will be installed at the main entrance of Chapin as the current ramp will be within our construction limits. Please reference the attached routing plan here (PDF viewer required) for all traffic flow as it relates to pedestrian and vehicular access.