Professional Service

RFPQ - Schedule Calculator

Spreadsheet to auto calculate and schedule durations required for RFP/Qs

PPV + GTFI Projects - General Consultant Agreement

General Consultant agreement to be used with PPV + GTFI projects. (updated 8.4.2017)

PPV + GTFI Projects - Project Start Up Checklist

Projects that are owned by a public private venture (PPV), with specific lease requirements and certain project criteria, must go through Georgia Tech Facilities Inc for contracting.  This checklist must be completed for all projects in the listed building when the PRF is submitted.

Design Professional Fee Guidelines Matrix

This is a guideline from GSFIC for design professional service fees.

IDIQ - Master Contracts - RFP/Q Template

This document is the RFP/Q for procurement of IDIQ base contracts. (This is not for the procurement of IDIQ quotes under an existing contract.)

Commissioning - Process + Engagement Checklist

Checklist of all activities during a capital project commissioning effort.  Includes engagement recommendations for stakeholders.

Commissioning - Narrative of Cx Process at Georgia Tech

Description of commissioning process and goals for commissioning at Georgia Tech.

IDIQ - Contract Document for Projects - Amendment to Exhibit A

The design professional amendment form should be utilized to amend an issued IDIQ Schedule A contract.

General Consultant Contract - BOR Held Contracts

This link is for all BOR held general consultant contract templates.  BOR executes design professional contracts that exceed a contract value of $600K.


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