Professional Service

PPV + GTFI Projects - General Consultant Amendment

General Consultant agreement Amendment to be used with PPV + GTFI projects. (updated 10.3.18)

Contracting and Procurement - Policy Clarifications

Clarifications on contracting and procurement questions. Training document.

Expedite Contract in Image Now Form

Use this form to expedite a contract to the front of the queue in Image Now.

Emergency Approval to Proceed Form

Form is used to start work prior to a contract being executed. Significant extenuating or emergency circumstances are required to request this authorization.  See contracting policy document for instructions.

RFPQ - Schedule Calculator

Spreadsheet to auto calculate and schedule durations required for RFP/Qs

PPV + GTFI Projects - General Consultant Agreement

General Consultant agreement to be used with PPV + GTFI projects. (updated 8.4.2017)


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