Sustainable Facilities at Georgia Tech

Facilities Management has numerous policies and practices in place to support a sustainable physical environment. We support resource conservation and environmental stewardship throughout the lifecycles of buildings and grounds projects. We also partner with institute research groups, academic members and Office of Campus Sustainability to enable a multidisciplinary approach in developing and maintaining a sustainable facilities program. 

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Sustainable Design & Construction



The Facilities Unit supports three major campus events annually. Campus community members are encouraged to visit each event's respective information pages to learn how to take part, as some events are led by campus partners and engagement opportunities may be different year-over-year.

Earth Day

The Georgia Tech Earth Day Festival was founded and led by the Facilities: Recycling Department for the first twenty years of existence. In 2019 oversight of this exciting, campus-wide event transitioned to the Office of Campus Sustainability, with logistical support to be provided by Facilities departments. To learn more about the festival and how you can get involved, visit the main festival information page.

Tech Beautification Day

This student-led event is supported in large part by the Facilities: Landscape Services and Communications Departments. The student board co-plans between 20 and 30 projects with the Landscape team and the exciting culmination results in a busy day of service across campus during Greek Week in early spring each year. Check it out!

Sustainable Facilities Forum 

This annual event, hosted by the Facilities Sustainability Committee, is for all members of the campus community who strive to learn how Georgia Tech is managing our built environment. We share best practices from different departments in Facilities and beyond. Visit the event page to read about the 2020 event, held during Campus Sustainability Week in the October.