02.12.18 PPV Training by D&C and GTFI Team

Training held on 2/12/18 to review PPV and GTFI Project processes.  This is a good overview of PPV / GTFI projects.

PPV + GTFI Projects - Process Guide by BOR

Process guide outline developed by BOR for Public-Private-Venture based projects. At GT, this is typically a GTFI project.

08.03.16 CPSM Insite and Net FM Database Instruction Manual

Instructions on how to navigate in the Insite and Net FM space management software.  Includes floor plans, CAD files, and a database for storing building and room data. Request for access to this system from CPSM.

PPV + GTFI Projects - Project Start Up Checklist

Projects that are owned by a public private venture (PPV), with specific lease requirements and certain project criteria, must go through Georgia Tech Facilities Inc for contracting.  This checklist must be completed for all projects in the listed building when the PRF is submitted.


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