Building Maintenance

The Building Maintenance team is organized in six geographic areas across campus. Each area has an Area Manager and a fully-staffed maintenance team consisting of plumbers, painters, HVAC specialists and administrative support. To learn which maintenance area a specific building is in, use our searchable map.

If you have a building maintenance need, you should submit your issue to the Building Manager. The Building Manager will work directly with the Building Maintenance team to address your issue. Click here to use our searchable map of buildings by Maintenance Area.  

Technology Enhanced Maintenance System

To assure that our buildings operate efficiently and at optimum comfort levels, we contain healthy indoor air we perform a rigorous preventative maintenance program. We have optimized this program by introducing tablets and a Technology Enhanced Maintenance program across our campus. Using an integrated system of equipment bar-coding, optimized scheduling and on-going feedback, we are staying on the cutting edge of the building maintenance process. 

Small HVAC Picture